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Hobgoblins are a metavariant of Orks and most of them are of Arabic or Central Asian descent. They are shorter and of slighter build than other Orks. Hobgoblins tend to have a greenish tint of skin, a mouthful of sharp teeth instead of enlarged lower canines, a narrow jaw, prominent ears, and dark beady eyes that gives them a fiercesome appearance that is responsible in no small part for the prejudice they receive [1][2]. They also have low-light vision.

While widely rumored to be quick-tempered and possessing a vindictive sense of honor, this may be a cultural bias rather than genetic predisposition. However, a joint study by the Charles University (Prague) and the Atatürk Polytechnic Institute (Istanbul) point to high levels of steroid hormones that may point to a biochemical source of aggressiveness.

Hobgoblins have an average height of 1.80 meters and average weight of 98 kilograms.[3]

Famous (and infamous) Hobgoblins[]


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