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Hong Kong (Shadowrun, Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone
Map 2070
Hong Kong, flag from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Sixth World Almanac
Government Type: Corporate Council
Capital: Hong Kong
Leaders: background:black; color:white; Council Chairman Deng Sai-Kan
Population 12,000,000+
Human 69% background:black; color:white;
Elf 11% background:black; color:white;
Dwarf 8% background:black; color:white;
Ork 6% background:black; color:white;
Troll 4% background:black; color:white;
Other 2%background:black; color:white;
Per Capita Income: 48,000
Estimated SINless: Unknown
Below Poverty Level: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Unknown
Less Than Twelve Years 22%
High School Equivalency 36%
College Degrees 32%
Advanced Degrees 10%
Major Ethnic Groups:
Han: 95%
Other: 5%
Major Languages Spoken:
Cantonese (85%)
English (British) (50%)
Major Religions:
Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism, shamanism and Christianity
Currency: Nuyen (¥)
Yokogawa (w/DocWagon as contractor)
Guaranteed Response Time: None

Hong Kong, or officially the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone, is an independent corporate-governed statelet in South East Asia. Wuxing, Inc. has a major presence there.



Hong Kong declares independence from China in reaction to communist crackdowns.[1]

Britain attempts to aid Hong Kong, but is duped by corps. As British diplomats stall a Chinese retaliation corporate backers secure control of the new free city.[2]


Wu Kuan-Lai, founder and CEO of Wuxing, Inc., builds his new corporate headquarters at a carefully picked location in Aberdeen.


The Red Dragon Association quickly becomes the most powerful Triad in Hong Kong, with the great dragon Lung at its head.

2025 to 2029[]

The first major wave of Asian refugees flood into a neutral and prosperous Hong Kong following the Republic Civil War in China and the failed Nationalist Revolution in the Philippines.


Wu Kuan-Lai passes away and leaves control of the corporation to his son, Wu Lung-Wei.


The Nationalist War between the Canton Confederation and Taiwan results in a second major wave of refugees who settle in Hong Kong.


The influence of a powerful Yama King grows within the Walled City, to the point that she threatens to escape to greater Hong Kong, but the threat is neutralized by a group of Shadowrunners led by a Seattle native.


The Wu family and Wuxing, Inc. receive a number of valuable bequests from the will of the late dragon Dunkelzahn.


Wu Lung-Wei completes his father’s dream and forms the Pacific Prosperity Group, a pan-corporate trade organization designed to combat Japanese economic control of Asia.


Astral space becomes visible to mundanes around the Wuxing Skytower in Aberdeen.

2062 to 2063[]

A violent Triad war breaks out between the Red Dragon Association and its main rival, the Yellow Lotus Triad, resulting in the destruction of the latter syndicate.


In the wake of Crash 2.0, Government reforms change the process of determining Hong Kong’s government.


The pro-democratic and anti-corporate organization 9x9 first appears in Hong Kong.



Guanxi (connections) is what is most important in China when it comes to doing business. The strongest guanxi is of course, family. Not just your immediate family (parents and siblings) but also your grandparents, their siblings, the in-laws, and even cousins thrice removed. Make an enemy and you may end up with over a 100 people after you.


In China, hierarchy in society is important as in knowing who is your better. Confucianism strongly influenced Chinese civilization and it was big on every individual knowing their place in society. People keep a virtual social scorecard and maintain a tally in their head as to who scores higher.


Among the Chinese, etiquette is important, as in how polite this or that person acts. The Chinese learn pretty early that they are supposed to be courteous to each other. As in being courteous to others even when your ripping them off. There is also the concept of "face" which deals with your honor, reputation, street credibility, and so on. If you screw someone over, it's advisable to give that individual the opportunity to restore his reputation, otherwise you will make an enemy.[3]

Sixth World in Hong Kong[]


Though things were not all roses for metahumans when they appeared in China (e.g. parents abandoning ork and troll children), due to cultural factors the Han Chinese were more easily able to accept the emergence of metahumans than people in Japan, India, the Middle East, or some of the more conservative regions and nations in the West (e.g. the Confederation of American States or Spain). The treatment of metahumans is generally likewise better than in most of the world, especially compared to the CAS, Japan, or the Middle East. This is reflected in the Chinese megacorp Wuxing, Inc., their criminal syndicates (Triads), and in both Daoism and Buddhism.[4][5][6][7][8]


Magic was embraced by the Chinese relatively easily due to it's acceptance in Daoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism and therefore its reintegration into Chinese society was far easier than it was in the Islamic nations or in most of the Catholic world. The Awakened are favored in Chinese society and the use of magic in society is greater than in the West as demonstrated by Wuxing, Inc., states such as Sichuan and Manchuria, the respect and reverence for dragons, the Triads, or the city of Hong Kong.[9][10][11][12][13]


Geomancy is big in Hong Kong.[14] The city is a zone of wild magic [15] and visible astral space.[16] Wuxing Skytower is built at the intersection of five major dragon lines.[16]


Since winning its independence from the People's Republic of China the Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone has been governed directly by the corporations that inhabit it. There are two main governing bodies in Hong Kong: the Board of Governors and the Executive Council.

Executive Council[]

The Executive Council is effectively both the legislative and executive branches of Hong Kong Government. It is made up of eight Hong Kong citizens chosen to serve on the Council by the Board of Governors for eight year terms. Council members cannot be elected to consecutive terms. Every two years, two new slots open up on the Council and the Board of Governors replaces them in a closed door session. Every year the Council votes one member to be Chairman of the Council. There is no limit to how often a Councilmember can be the Chairman during his term. It is the Chairman's job to set the Council's agenda. Laws presented to the council are passed by a six vote majority.

Hong Kong from Shadowrun- Hong Kong

Current Council (2070):[]

  • Deng Sai-Kan, Chairman
  • Diego Mangabat
  • Yi Jing-Ze
  • William Wu
  • Mei Sterling
  • Tai Kong
  • Shan
  • Dr. David Tan


See External Links for a map and Geography of Hong Kong Wikipedia entry for a modern day treatment of the subject.

Hong Kong is composed of the following districts:

The Northern Reaches border the Canton Confederation, at the border city of Shenzhen. Not far to the west (60 km east of Macau on the opposite side of the Pearl River estuary), reachable through the is another, if smaller, enclave city, Macao. The southern shore of Hong Kong opens onto the Pacific Ocean.


Most heavy industry is controlled by Mitsuhama.[17]

Corporate Presence[]


In the Hong Kong sprawl, it's the Triads that are the masters of the underworld. Nearly all crime is under their control from white-collar crime to street-level crime, from Matrix crime to protection rackets, from smuggling to gambling, from the drug trade to the flesh trade, and so on. They control whole districts and have influence over the corporations, both domestic and foreign.[32]

They do not have a monopoly, though it's as close as possible. The city of Hong Kong has approximately 150 street gangs.[33] In addition foreign syndicates have established small footholds. In the city, both the Russian and Korean mobs have operations. Neither the Yakuza or Mafia have a presence in Hong Kong, the Triads won't tolerate their presence (especially that of the Yakuza).[34]


This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World: A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun

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