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The Hooters (now known as the "Shooters") are a gang based in the city of Portland in the Tir Tairngire.

The Shooters (formerly known as the Hooters) is gang consisting of mostly females and mostly elves. Within its ranks are a minority of humans and other metahumans. It's members see themselves as businesswomen, dressing and acting high-class. They wear red-and-black business wear that is slick and stylish, revealing more armor than skin and displaying more firepower than either. Members are outfitted with subtle combat enhancements and augmented curves.

The clothing they wear are knock-offs of armored clothing and they pack high-tech sub-machine guns and classy handguns. Members drive around in convertibles. The gang is involved in Portland's sex trade, operating in most of the city's red-light districts. It provides the prostitutes with security in exchange for a cut of the profits. They now have secondary chapters in the cities of Eugene and Salem. It has a working relationship with the elven Crime Corporations.The gang is allied with the dwarven gang, the Sons of Gimli. Some of the Shooters have hooked up with Sons of Gimli in the past.[1][2][3][4][5]

Retconned (Previous version)[]

The Hooters was previously a gang consisting mostly of human females. It's a thrill gang, whose territory is the Port of Portland. Their territory overlaps with that of the Spans and therefore have a relationship that switches back and forth between conflict and truce.[6]


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