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Human Nation is a conspirative anti-metahuman organisation.

The Human Nation is a fraternal cabal of humans with an anti-metahuman agenda. Its members are extremely wealthy and influential, and they have a long term plan to get society to use eugenics and acclimatize mankind to accept its racist agenda. The organization sees itself as the elite of humanity and accepts only the most powerful and the brightest from among humans. It has members among the upper echelons of the governments of North America, Europe, and Asia, in the corporate boardrooms and in the entertainment industry.

The Human Nation finances experimentation on metahumans. In which they are used as lab rats in their long term goal of exterminating the magical races. Test subjects who are forced to participate in horrifyingly cruel projects that would have felt right at home in a Nazi concentration camp.[1]

They are suspected of having opened medical clinics throughout the world in the 2050s, all of them in poor neighborhoods that were heavily populated by metahumans. Within the clinics there were high levels of infant mortality, metahuman abortions, still births, miscarriages, and metahuman sterilizations. In addition due to a high level of serious medical problems, many of the metahuman children that were born at the clinic died before they reached puberty therefore they never bred.

By the late 2060s, metahuman-rights groups realized what was going on and got meta-friendly governments to shut them down. Where the governments (e.g. Seattle) turned a blind eye to what was happening at those clinics, the Sons of Sauron and the ORC tried to shut them down themselves (e.g. firebombing).[2]


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