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Hurricane Donald devastated the food production ability of Aztlan in 2074.

August 18, 2074: Hurricane Donald strikes Borinquen, devastating much of the island. The Great Dragon Sirrurg and his dragons use the hurricane to attack Aztechnology, specifically by targeting Natural Vat headquarters there.

By August 20th, the hurricane strikes the eastern coast of Aztlan, reports tell that "the rain that fell was jet black. It smelled bad, tasted worse, and took a while to wash off." Within twenty-four hours, Aztlan's corn crop withers and dies. Within two days, areas that hadn't been rained on also see their corn die, and the infection spreads both north and south. It is referred to as: "Atlacoya blight".[1] Inside of a week, Aztlan see much of it's agricultural strength evaporate.

"[...]Magic had nothing to do with Atlacoya. Donald’s path went over abandoned (excuse me, “abandoned”) oil rigs and sucked up some kind of nano-virus, possibly one replicating petroleum-spill eating bacteria. Probably from a Saeder-Krupp secret lab, [...] It went after Aztechnology corn because of the petroleum-based pesticides they use." - Plan 9


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