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Interpol's IDEA (International/intercorporate/interagency Drug Enforcement Agency) is responsible for policing the global drug trade. With a hodgepodge of laws varying by both country and company, it is not an enviable job. The current head of the IDEA (c. 2071) is a woman named Majia Wright.

CalHots are one example of a drug with varying levels of legality. Completely legal in California (where they are made), they are highly illegal Hong Kong.

Therefore, IDEA is generally limited to the international aspects of drug trafficking rather than going after the sources. The Agency also tracks the global drug trends, watching for new drugs and monitoring usage trends.

To work outside of international waters, they need permission from the local national drug agency, the local law enforcement, and any corporation who's turf they may be crossing. They also need difficult-to-get Corporate Court warrants to move against any member corporation.

Related national agencies[]


  • Alcohol, BTL, and Drug Enforcement Service


  • Arms, BTLs, and Controlled Substances Division (pan-European)


  • Central Office for Drug Enforcement (OCRS)


  • Special Department for Pharmaceutical and Digital Drugs (SAPHADIS)

Hong Kong FEZ

  • Hong Kong Police Department – Narcotics Department


  • Department of Internal Security and Crime Prevention


  • Pueblo Pharmacological and Substance Regulation Authority


  • Salish-Shide State Police – Special Investigation and Thaumaturgy Division, aka “the Black Feathers”


  • Controlled Substances Agency



  • Scotland Yard Organized Crime and Substance Control Division


  • Ghost Cartels, primarily pp. 130–131 – Note that while the text at times implies that the "I" in IDEA stand for Interpol, it also frequently uses "Interpol IDEA" which would then be redundant. Textual context suggests International, Inter-corporate, and Inter-agency as other possibilities for the "I".