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The Ichiwa-kai (一和会) is a Yakuza syndicate based in the Philippines.

It was formed on June 13, 1984 from an internal struggle for succession within the Yamaguchi-gumi, and primarily operates in the Philippines. The Ichiwa-kai is one of the Yakuza factions that lost in the Yakuza War (2011), and were forced into permanent exile in the Philippines. When they arrived in the Philippines, along with the other Yakuza clans they established opium fields which they have controlled since. Like the other Yakuza clans, they also enslaved Filipino women for the bars and brothels servicing the sex tourists.[1]

It's members took control of the Olangapo sex trade as the American military was leaving. They added BTL parlors and casinos, and offered higher-class sex services to the 30 square blocks of strip joints, massage parlors and buddy booths. It provided "entertainment" to the Japanese military base down the road. Olangapo soon overtook Bangkok as the primary destination for sex tourists from Japan. Ichiwa-kai's BTL, gambling, and prostitution empire extends across the whole archipelago, and they control 60% of all non-Huk crime on land.[2][3] As of the early 2070s, many of the Yakuza members in the Philippines are so-called "souvenir babies", half-breeds of Filipino and Japanese descent.[4]


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