The Illegal Wildlife Trade is the underground traffic in protected animals.

Wildlife in the Sixth World has far fewer protections than in the Fifth World due to the ascendancy of megacorporations, the fragmentation of many nations, and the collapse of the majority of Africa into warlord rule and tribalism.

There still exist wildlife preserves though which are run by governments, foundations, corporations, and so on. Likewise, the illegal traffic in wildlife likewise exists and it is a business which the Triads are known for. They are heavily involved in the rings that poach and smuggle animal remains. Supplying the markets for exotic animal parts. Which come from the shrinking habitats of endangered species and clone farms where animals are raised in captivity and then harvested. Everything from dried seahorses that are used in traditional medicine as a baldness cure to the consumption of tiger remains in powdered form to the taking powder made from dragon genitals to cure "performance issues".[1]


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