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The Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN, jap. 日本帝国海軍) is key to projection of power for the Japanese Imperial State, and its unquestioned naval superiority in the Pacific.

They are strong backers of the imperialist faction in Japan, opposing the reformers led by Emperor Yasuhito. Supporting the imperialist agenda of regulation of the Awakened, technomancers, and AI, racism toward metahumans, a powerful military, and control of the Pacific Rim.[1]


Akihito-class carriers[]

As of 2059 there were six of these 125,000 ton vessels in commission. The design is powered by three reactors and carries over 50 aircraft not counting drones.[2]

  • MF Akihito (CVN 41)
  • MF Shotoku (CVN 44)
  • MF Kammu (CVN 47)
  • MF Go Daigo (CVN 49)
  • MF Hirohito (CVN 52)
  • MF Meiji (CVN 58)

Only the UCAS Navy and Saeder-Krupp also operate large carriers.[3]


Yokohama Bay, Japan – The Akihito’s homeport circa 2059.[2]


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