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Inagawa-kai (operations)

The Inagawa-kai is a Yakuza syndicate is based in Neo-Tokyo, Japan


The Inagawa-kai was one of the factions which split from Watada-rengo in 2070 . It's stronghold is in Harajuku , Neo-Tokyo and is led by an elf, Michizane Oi . The syndicate has heavily recruited among metahumans to such an extent its considered to a metahuman clan by the other Yakuza, but it's structure continues to be traditional. Their main criminal operations are protection rackets and street-level sokaiya (extortion of corporations). Unlike the other Yakuza syndicates, it uses mostly ninja in operations against rival groups, and it's in-house hitters are all trained as ninja.[1] It's one of the prominent Yakuza clans,[2] and is a member of the Wanibuchi-rengo.[3]

It also expanded into the Philippines. When they arrived in the Philippines in the beginning of the Sixth Age, along with the other Yakuza clans they established opium fields which they have controlled since. Like the other Yakuza clans, they also enslaved Filipino women for the bars and brothels servicing the sex tourists.[4]


The Inagawa-kai was founded in 1949. It is the third-largest Yakuza syndicate in Japan with approximately 15,000 members. Apart from the Yamaguchi-gumi and Sumiyoshi-kai Yakuza groups, only three other criminal syndicates have a larger membership (all of them Chinese Triads).[1]


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