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Inazo Aneki (Born 1990, Chiba, Japan - Deceased May 11th, 2061, Seattle UCAS) was the founder and CEO of Renraku Computer Systems, a position he held until his death.

He was considered a patient, prudent and intelligent leader with an almost inexhaustible source of worldwide contacts.

In February of 2060 the AI Deus attacked Aneki in an attempt to convert him to its cause, but failed as Aneki's matrix defenses forced Deus to cut its attack short. Aneki suffered brain damage as a result, and Renraku executives used the Seal of the Green Gloves to get Aneki into Tibet, where monks attempted to heal his mind.

In May of 2061, Aneki was brought to the Renraku Arcology in Seattle, in an attempt to infiltrate the arcology and use the kill-codes stored in his brain to deactivate Deus, something which Deus had anticipated. The infiltration team was successful in penetrating the arcology, and defeating Deus, which allowed the UCAS military to retake control of the arcology, but in delivering the kill-codes, Aneki also unwittingly freed Deus from its prison. Having downloaded its self into the minds of a number of Otaku, Deus was able to reform and was responsible in part for Crash 2.0.

In shame over what had become of the Renraku Arcology, Aneki committed sepuku (ritual suicide), while jacked into the SCIRE matrix host.

Although he has been legally dead since 2061, he is still nominally the CEO; however, rumors persist that he has become a Tibetan Monk. Ma'fan claims to have seen him as late as 2068, although Netcat claims that "...Aneki’s dead. Stone dead. I should know."

By 2080 there are rumors that Aneki has been reincarnated into a young boy in Tibet.


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The joke game BattleRun asserts that Inazo Aneki was transported to the 3050s, the Eighth World, where he reestablished control of Renraku. However, this is of extremely dubious canonicity.