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The Indo-Asian Gangs are crime families in the city of London.

The Indo-Asian gangs are family-based crime gangs from South Asian descent who have a reputation for conspicuous displays of wealth and lacking subtlety in their operations. Members are known for having the flashiest wheels, the newest cybereyes, theatrically sinister bodyguards, and flamboyant jewelry. In their operations they run street sales of stolen goods, illegal gambling, BTL sales, prostitution, burglaries, and body shops.

Serving as their distribution network for the commodities are the 24-hour shops they own, via under-the-table sales.[1] The way they act and operate is a vulnerability as it makes it easy for others to do surveillance on the groups. As the Hirwani crime family learned too late, when their Chinese rivals the Si Peng Family followed them all to the same destination and annihilated the family in the notorious Hirwani Massacre of 2048.[2]


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