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Corporate Intelligence Agencies[]

Independent Intelligence Agencies[]

Intergovernmental Intelligence Agencies[]

  • Sovereign Tribal Council Truth Dancers
  • Front Range Free Zone Zone Defense Force
  • United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition (UNATCO)
  • United Nations Committee on Megacorporate Affairs (COMA)
  • Interpol

National Intelligence Agencies[]

CAS Intelligence Community[]

UCAS Intelligence Community[]

Other Intelligence-Gathering Organizations[]


  • Primary source: Spy Games, "Intelligence Agencies" p. 172
  • DISA (rh.126)
  • State of the Art: 2064, pp. 6–39
  • Aegis Cognito (la.68-71, se.126-127)
  • AISE (tal.18)
  • CAS ERLA, DSI, and DDI (sna.65-67)
  • DIA and OMI are constantly probing each other (sa64.14)
  • DGI uses hougans to possess people (sa64.12)
  • DGSE (se.87)
  • GRU and UGB (sa.126-127)
  • Infolio belongs to Index-Axa (la.71)
  • Knight-Errant is Ares' intelligence agency (sa64.14)
  • Millennium Consulting is a private intelligence corporation out of Hong Kong (la.68)
  • New Society of Jesus (azt.96, se.99)
  • NIS occasionally works for the Japanese (sa.184)
  • NSA is interested in the Wireless Matrix Initiative (sa64.9)
  • SDEI (se.87)
  • Special Information Services is a private intelligence corporation in the CAS (la.68, sg.132-33)
  • Sioux Nation Office of Military Intelligence (sna.129)
  • UCAS NRO (sna.65, ct.120)
  • UNATCO is described as part-intelligence agency, part police. (la.62)
  • Vigilia Evangelica (la.101-105)
  • The Wanguo Anbu often spies on Beijing (sa.40)
  • Interpol (cp!.51)
  • Maximillon's restaurant is used by the MCT intelligence agency (ssb.32)
  • Nadja Daviar is reaching out to the various Watchers factions (sl.151)
  • After his appearance, many Watchers joined Ghostwalker (sota64.29)
  • Revelations of Dunkelzahn's Watchers network (poad.88)
  • CFS Intelligence Service is often used as a front for the Japanese Intelligence Agency (ssb.89)
  • Runner Havens (DHS, FBI, nDEA, IRS, NSA, CIA have intelligence units in Seattle).
  • Seattle Sourcebook (FBI, NSA both conduct domestic intelligence-gathering).
  • State of the Art: 2064 (references to CIA, DIA, FBI, NRC, NRO, NSA).
  • Target: Wastelands (NRC conducts intelligence-gathering on nuclear weapons and technology).