The Irish Republican Army (Official IRA) is a Republican terrorist organization in Tír na nÓg.

Membership: 300[1]

The Irish Republican Army which fought against the British for decades in the 20th century, now continues the struggle but this time against the elven regime. It consists mostly of humans with a few trolls and orks. Though it opposes elven rule, its socialist policies are pretty much what the government of Tir na nÓg has implemented. Which has left it somewhat adrift with little to offer those who are looking for change.

The IRA has targeted the leaders of the Danaan families and other major figures with assassination, but so far has had only limited success. It uses large-scale resource theft and bank robberies to finance its operations, with the occasional hijacking of the financial system. They are also suspected to having links to the Mafia, which they use to import BTL chips.[2][3]


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