Irish Mafia (North America)

Irish Mafia (syndicates in North America)

The Irish Syndicates are Irish-American criminal syndicates in North America.


The Irish Mob was the Irish-American organized crime which had formed in the United States by Prohibition, consisting of various Irish crime syndicates. When magic returned to the world with a vengeance in the Awakening, the La Cosa Nostra took advantage of the chaos and opened its doors to the smaller criminal outfits. Most of the Irish-American syndicates joined the new multi-ethnic Mafia.[1][2] They were either absorbed into one of the 12 major families or became one of the 100+ minor families and associated groups.[3][4] Currently there are Irish-American crime families in at least two locations, in Boston (the O'Rilley Family and Muldoon Family) and in Seattle (the Finnigan Family), all three of whom are major families.[5][6] In both the Boston and Seattle sprawls, it's the Irish-American families that rule the Mafia.


Due to where Irish-Americans were concentrated and the location of historically documented Irish-American syndicates, any independent Irish-American ethnic mafias which still exist or Irish-American crime families that are part of the American Mafia would most likely be located in the UCAS (NY City, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston).


By the late 20th century the Irish Mob had nearly ceased to exist in the United States. While it rivaled the power of the Italians during the 1920s-1940s, due to the lack of unity in the Irish underworld (they lacked any regional councils much less a national one) and the lack of a new wave of poor Irish immigrants, they went into decline and the few remaining Irish syndicates became auxiliaries / vassals of whatever Italian-American crime family dominated in their city. Presently there are a few small Irish mobs or crews in Boston and Philadelphia.


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Irish Mafia in the Real WorldEdit

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