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Government Type: Democratic
Capital: Tel Aviv
Leaders: :Prime Minister: Efrat Tal
Population 6,800,000
Human 81%
Elf 3%
Dwarf 4%
Ork 7%
Troll 5%
Other 0%
Per Capita Income: Unknown
Estimated SINless: Unknown
Below Poverty Level: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Unknown
Less Than Twelve Years Unknown
High School Equivalency Unknown
College Degrees Unknown
Advanced Degrees Unknown
Major Ethnic Groups:
Jews: 95%
Others: 5%
Major Languages Spoken:
Hebrew: 91%
English: 64%
Russian: 23%
Major Religions:
Judaism: 83%
Currency: Sheqel (₪), Nuyen (¥) accepted
Maagen David Adom:
Guaranteed Response Time: Unknown



Israel was established in 1948. Israel survived The Jihad thanks to aid from miltech corp, effective intelligence, superior magic, nuclear capabilities, and unexpected support from some Palestinians (who mostly refused to join the Alliance for Allah).


After Palestinian leader Arafat died in 2004, politics changes radically on both sides. Arafat's successor accepted Israel, and Palestine got its autonomy. Both peoples claimed Jerusalem as their capital, but in early 2012 astral disturbances and spirit attacks forced the authorities to evacuate and close the city for 40 days. Additional evacuations occur regularly in the following years. In the 2046 mana warp, the UN seized the holy city before anyone else could.


West bank sits between the security fence in the west and Jordan valley to the east. The Gaza strip extends all the way the Suez. Underground tunnels and trains run from Suez to Gaza proper. Israel took over the Sinai desert awhile back and evacuated most of its Egyptian population. The world accepted this move because the Suez channel stayed under international control.

The Israeli government owns a launch site in Palmachim [1].

Some areas of Israel are still too polluted from the Libyan chemical weapons attack of 2004 to be livable. Since the costs for cleaning up the residues are too high the government simply evacuated and barricaded off the areas. Tests show that most of the areas will be safe to live in again by 2075. [2]


The notorious intelligence agency of Israel is known by the name “Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks”, Mossad.[3]


Corporate Presence[]


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