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Ivar J. Lindstorm is the son of the Metroplex's first governor, Charles C. Lindstrom, he is the mayor of the Downtown district of Seattle. Handsome, articulate and energetic, he has been a favorite with the voters for the many years. In 2052, he was re-elected to serve a fourth term in office. Lindstrom strongly supports the boisterous debating that goes on in the district chambers. He's even been quoted as saying he'd rather have tourists see councilpersons arguing over a sewer bill than have them city's downtown because "It shows that Seattle is more than just pretty buildings and a sea breeze." In 2059, Ivar J Lindstrom was sworn in as Governor of Seattle, and praised for his prompt action concerning the Renraku Arcology shutdown and the loss of Governor Marilyn Schultz.  He was replaced as governor by Julius Strouthers in the election of 2066.