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JRJ International is a founding member of the Inter-Corporate Council and the Corporate Court, and thus a permanent member of the latter. The company is entitled to a controlling seat of the Corporate Court, and it is an A-rated corp, though it has been a part of one several AAA Prime Megacorporation through its history: From 2038 to 2059 it belonged to Fuchi Americas, then to Novatech from 2059 on, then to NeoNET from 2064 on. Most recently while not being owned by Spinrad Global JRJ's privileges as a founding member have been transferred to the megacorporation in 2079.

After the collapse of Fuchi was orchestrated by its then-CEO Richard Villiers, much of the assets of Fuchi Americas division were sold off, and what was left was gathered up by Villiers into what would become Novatech. JRJ would become part of it, though the sole stockholder was Villiers himself. Novatech became NeoNET following its IPO and a corporate merger.

After the outbreak of CFD in Boston, the UCAS would rapidly present a case to the Corporate Court with NeoNET as one of the listed defendants. The Court would rule in favor of the UCAS, demanding NeoNET pay reparations and fund relief efforts in Boston, as well as banning Villiers from any corporate executive positions for 10 years.

The Corporate Court couldn't force Villiers to relinquish JRJ, though they could force him to give up control of the company, making him unable to capitalize on its vote in the Court. Instead, Villiers has "leased" the company's guaranteed court seat to Spinrad Global, allowing it to climb to AAA status and replace NeoNET among the Big Ten.


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