Name: Jack Norwich Metatype Human Age 24 Archetype Drug Dealer


Body | 3 Agility | 3 Reaction | 3 Strength | 2

Charisma | 5 Intuition | 5 Logic | 3 Willpower | 4

Special Stats:

Connection Rating | 2 Edge | 3 Essence | 6

Magic | 0 Resonance | 0

Initiative | 8 Passes | 1

Physical Damage Meter | 10 Stun Damage Meter | 10

Description Jack is a product of a working-class family. When he was younger he ran with street gangs but never actually joined one. After a short stay in juvie, he learned that that the real money isn't in breaking in stealing and scaming, it was dealing. A pal of his in juvie set him up with a supplier and started to sell drugs since day he got out. Jack mostly deals street drugs like pot, coke, and acid. He has been known to get ahold of other drugs if you ask the right way. He can be a nice enough guy if you know him and usually doesn't result to violence. Since he deals with all sort of street denizen, he is a good source of street info.


Active Skills: Athletics Group 2, Perception 4, Etiquette 3 (Street 5), Unarmed Combat 2, Pistols 2.

Knowledge Skills: Street Drugs 5 (Casual Drugs 7), Combat drugs 2, BTL 2, Street Gangs 3, Ghost Cartels 3, Rumor Mill 5, Drug Dealers 4


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