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The original Jack the Ripper stalked the Whitechapel district of London's East End in 1888. At least five grisly murders were attributed to him: Mary Ann (Polly) Nichols, 31 Aug 1888 Annie Chapman, 8 Sep 1888 Elizabeth Stride, 30 Sep 1888 Catherine Eddowes, 30 Sep 1888 Mary Jane (Marie Jeanette) Kelly, 9 Nov 1888

In Dreamchipper, a new persona-chip causes the individual who slots it to become Jack the Ripper reborn, committing several murders in Redmond in 2050.

In Streets of Blood, the new Jack the Ripper is repeating the original sequence, killing women of the same names in roughly the same geographical area. The serial killings were carefully orchestrated by the Ripper's puppet-masters; one of the women was enticed to change her name, another was encouraged to move into the proper area. The timing is different, in that the murders all occur in the space of three weeks in November: Polly Nichols, 8 Nov 2054 Annie Chapman, 15 Nov 2054 Elizabeth Stride (Jane Dews), 21 Nov 2054 Catherine Eddowes, 22 Nov 2054 Mary Jane Kelly (Typhoid Mary), 29 Nov 2054

Streets of Blood p. 22: Francesca encounters a Jack the Ripper construct in the matrix and follows it to Transys Neuronet. This Jack the Ripper has no relationship to the decker of the same name featured in the Lorelei Shannon short story, Whitechapel Rose (Into the Shadows).

Into the Shadows: Jack the Ripper (Herbert Bunn): tall human decker, icon matches his street name, age 27. Jack is often mistaken for an elf because of his height and build, and occasionally mistaken for a vampire because of his fashion sense and his teeth—part of Jack's intimidating image are implanted durenamel canines, a centimeter longer than they should be. Among the wilder rumors about him are that he eats children, drinks blood, and keeps the corpse of his mother in a linen closet. None true.