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The Jaguar Guard is a special forces unit of Aztechnology.


The Jaguar Guard are an elite unit, whose cadres receive specialized training in special-forces actions. Most of them are also veterans of the Desert Wars. They receive more intense training than the Leopards and are better equipped. Jaguars are roughly equivalent to the Black Daggers of Tir Tairngire. Unlike the Leopards, the Jaguar Guard is never deployed outside Aztlan. They guard Aztechnology's highly-sensitive sites within Aztlan. Strength is estimated to be that of a battalion, consisting of four companies (each with 3 platoons).[1]


The Jaguar Guards all receive augmentation, which is of betaware rating. The augmentation may include enhancements such as bone density augmentation, a move-by-wire system, cybereyes, retractable spurs, and basic immunity. Jaguars have been outfitted with medium military armor and armed with battle rifles and heavy pistols (which fire explosive rounds)[2]


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