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Jaime Salazar is the boss of the Olaya Cartel.

Jaime "The Boss" Salazar, controls the Olaya Cartel and is the CEO of KondOrchid . He plays the role of a Grand Tour socialite and that of an Amazonian "concerned citizen".

Helped by his uncle, Henry Uribe , they took the remains of the Cali Cartel and transformed them into the Olaya Cartel. Salazar is in his late 30s, is married with a few children, and has several mistresses. He is sophisticated, amoral, passionate, and suave in equal quantities.

With his talent for business he has elevated the KondOrchid corporation to double-A status. The man plays the role of a Latin aristocrat perfectly. He is also a Colombian patriot who supports the Great Colombia policlub as well as other separatist movements. Jaime Salazar despises what Amazonia and Aztlan have done to his homeland, dividing it up between the two of them.[1]

CEO of KondOrchid and one of the Olaya Cartel members wanted/watched by the IDEA.​  (Ghost Cartels, p.57)​

  • SIN:  IDEA-344212/321-41 – Jaime “the Boss” Salazar , DOB: 2037

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