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James Telestrian in Shadowrun Returns

James Telestrian III is a former prince of Tír Tairngire and former CEO of Telestrian Industries, also a potential Telestrian Trust benefactor.


James is an elven spike baby born in 1999 to human parents, Valerie Ameson and James Telstrian II, who he succeeded as President and CEO.

He married Sarah Kylisearn, a fellow elf and the sister of Green Lucifer[1] They had two children, Timothy Telestrian and Mary-Louise Telestrian. He commissioned research into a method of damaging multiplanar creatures, such as Insect spirits. This substance was first successfully tested as he hired Harlequin and another Shadowrunner to stop the Seattle chapter of Universal Brotherhood cult (led by his sister Lynne and half sister Jessica Watts) from summoning a Queen insect in Seattle in 2054.

Rather that hoarding this research to maximize profits for Telestrian Industries, it is suspected he may have sold the research to Ares Arms, who were heavily involved with combating the UB and Insect spirits.

In 2057 he was bequested in Dunkelzahn's Will with a Gainsborough original and Shakespeare’s "The Tempest," Second Folio edition that were previously parts of the private collection, owned by the Great dragon Dunkelzahn.[2]

As he inherited the CEO position from his father, he passed it onto his daughter, Mary-Louise, in 2062. He entered politics and was elected to the Council of Princes of Tir Tairngire in 2063. However, in winter of 2064, Rinelle ke'Tesrae overthrew the council with revolution.


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