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Jessica Sirianni is the current CEO of Federated Boeing. She is described as ruthless self-made woman who will do whatever it takes to make Federated Boeing profitable and successful.

Jessica Sirianni was born as a squatter in Boise, in the poorest part of Auburn. As a child, she watched planes and helicopters flying to and from the Auburn Federated Boeing plant, and swore to one day fly one. She taught herself through stolen books and independent tutors, until she could get into Seattle Central Community College. She eventually earned an aerospace engineering degree from the University of Washington. She joined Federated Boeing as a draftswoman, where she worked her way up to the director of aircraft weaponry, then to the directorship of Auburn Operations. She took control of the corporation in late 2057 from the former CEO William Vogel after a long power struggle.


It is uncertain whether "Auburn" refers to a suburb of Boise, or if Boise is a here-to-for unremarkable neighborhood of Auburn, Seattle, UCAS.