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Jetboy is a hire-able Shadowrunner in Shadowrun (SNES).


Jetboy is a decker with average hacking skills and poor offensive and defensive abilities. There really isn't any point where it makes sense to use Jetboy. None of the Computers you can enter in the first 2/3 of the game are hard enough that Jake will need a runner, and, if used in any of the later stages, Jetboy will be killed in the Matrix. This, of course, is assuming he even makes it that far. About the only highlight is the length of time that Jetboy stays with you, but, again, it's more likely that he will be killed before then. In nearly every regard, Hamfist is a better decker.

Jetboy does have one interesting use that may justify hiring him. If you take him to the Rust Stilettos hideout and he is still alive when the Gang Leader is killed, he will find 2,000 nuyen. No other Shadowrunner will do this. This is a very nice find that more than covers the cost of hiring him. If you do go this route, be sure to kill all other enemies except the Gang Leader before returning with Jetboy. This will minimize the chance that he is killed by other enemies before you can take down the Gang Leader.


Jetbot in the ending montage

Location Grim Reaper Club
Attack Power 3
Accuracy 1
Defense Rate 1
Firing Rate 0.50 shots / second
Weapon Type Light Pistol
Price Negotiation 0-2: 1000 Nuyen
Negotiation 3-4: 900 Nuyen
Negotiation 5-6: 800 Nuyen
SR Multiplier 4, 5
Base Duration 40 Battles
Max. Duration 70 Battles


Attributes Skills Spells Equipment Other
Body: 3
Magic: 0
Strength: 3
Charisma: 1
Firearms: 2
Armed Combat: 1
Computer: 3
Beretta Pistol
Mesh Jacket
None Cyberdeck


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