Name: Jin-Biao Lee

Metatype:Ork female

B 7 Q4 S6 I2 W3 C2 E R3(4) PR3

INIT:4 + 2D6

Active Skills:Interrogation(Intimidation) 3, Athletics 4, Clubs (Stun Baton) 4(6), Etiquette 2, Pistols 4, Submachine Guns 4, Unarmed Combat 3, Motorcycle 3

Knowledge Skills: Second-hand cyberware vendors 3, Conspiracy Theories 5, [Installation] Layout 3, Corporate Law 1, Security Systems 2, Tactics 1, Urban Gang Signs 2

Cyberware:Datajack, Cybereyes (Lowlight Vision, Infrared, Flash Compensation), Cyberlegs (Storage compartment, increased strength +1, increased quickness +3), Boosted Reflexes 1

Gear:Armor Vest with Plates [4/3], AZ-150 Super Stun Baton, Ares Predator I, metal handcuffs, 1 Tear Gas grenade, security passkeys for installation.

Looks: She's got long and braided hair, which she's coloured blue. Very tall and broadly built even by orc standards, with deep tan skin and deep green fashionable brand cybereyes. When not on duty, she prefers street-style leisure wear. Her favourites are semi-transparent clothes. She better shouldn't, but as said below, she's a fashion autist. Jin-Biao is quite into cyberware; she even paid for a lot of her stuff herself; she’d like to have more, but her boss hates her adn won't authorise decent corp cyberware. Hence, most of her cyber is second-hand, and it shows. Especially the legs look a bit awkward, as they're a tad too long for her body. Her eyes are her pride, as they're real Kioshi eyes, with the brand symbol engraved into each metallic iris.

Personality: Hardly believable in such a superficial age, she has absolutely no sense of fashion. She also is, which really aids her in her profession, very suspicious. Also loves to whistle, which doesn’t quite help her, since she has no sense of music, too. Leela Sad is most important to her, as she’s one of the very few people who actually put up with her. Jin-Biao is still craving scoring big that one time that will enable her to live the rest of her life in luxury (but is farther from that than ever). The rejection she gets from many people has led her to hate people in general (with few exceptions). “Kill everybody and let God sort em out” is engraved on her uniform jacket and all her professional and private weapons.

Family: Coming from a poor, lower-class family of orcs, she miraculously remained the only child of Mother Mei-Mei(Born 31 years ago) and Father Teymour (Born 36 years ago), disproving the prejudice that all orks multiply like rabbits. However, her parents weren’t unlucky just in that respect: Qing-Yuan passed away in an accident at her workplace (she was crushed below a 20 ton concrete building part because the architect had been sloppy; the family received no compensation since she had been working without union approval), and her father went missing just last year. It is rumored he has been taken by Vampires, though it’s not really a believale source that says this, but a gothy vampire poser chiphead that often sleeps in the hallway leading to of the family apartment.

Hooks: Whe she was seven, she got to know Yelena Abdulah, a Troll girl who was one year older, in grade school (she went to a special school for the goblinized, which drained the family of all funds they had, but taught her well enough to pass the exams for security guards at Ares Inc. Yelena still is her best friend, but as she keeps taking Jin-Bao’s dates whenever they both go clubbing is a serious test to that friendschip. Her class teacher from grade school, Vinay Abbas, a goblinized Ork of 24, remaiend in contact with her, too. A savvy businessman, he knows how to gain the most out of everything. He, among other things, sold good grades to students. At 15, Jin-Biao got herself into serious trouble, as Lone Star caught her working as a pimp, using some elf girls she had rounded up on the streets, whom she kept in Vinay Abbas’ backhouse. She took the full blame, and since she was a minor and Vinay bribed the judge, she got off on probation, on condition she sign up with Ares (a killer deal for Jin-Biao). At work, she met Leela Sad, a human woman, aged 30. She is with a local gang which sometimes provides additional security at the compound where Jin-Biao is stationed at the moment. She is a pretty charismatic leader, and Jin-Biao is really looking up to her – giving Leela someone on the inside of the compound. Jin-Biao should see the danger this poses to her position in the ranks of Ares, but she’s not quite the brightest mind.

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