Pirates from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Runner Havens

The Joho-Lowah is a pirate clan in the South China Sea.

The Joho-Lowah pirate clan was founded by Filipino refugees from Japanese-occupied Philippines and it's core is two large extended families (Joho and Lowah). It's a multi-generational family trade. The Joho-Lowah maintain close relations with the fishing villages of the Hakka Chinese and though still largely Filipino, due to intermarrying with the Hakka Chinese villagers that is slowly changing.

They lack an established leadership as the pirate vessels operate independently or in small groups, but will support other ships of the same clan. Guns are supplied by the Red Dragon Triad but they prefer using trickery, stealth, or opportunistic attacks to getting in a firefight. Status among them is determined not by the wealth but by how an individual or family has shared or donated to the rest of the clan. They are known for throwing wild parties in the Hakka fishing villages, sharing their wealth with the villagers.[1]


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