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Juan Atzcapotzalco was the President and CEO of Aztechnology. He was allegedly assassinated during the Yucatán Peace Summit by the Feathered Serpent Dzitbalchén. Juan is believed to be awakened and possibly a powerful initiate mage on par with the immortal elves.[1] However when assensed he appears to be a mundane human.

There are rumors that Juan was killed in 2048. It is possible that he was killed and resurrected with cybermancy and turned into a cyberzombie. Which could explain how he is able to appear mundane yet radiate "power," as cyberzombies slowly effect the background count.

Another possibility on how Juan can appear mundane, yet magical, is that he could have a powerful magical artifact or possibly be an immortal human from the Fourth World.

Since Juan's rumored death in 2048, there have been extremely few sightings of him in public along with many possibly false sightings of him in Amazonia and the CFS.

Juan was bequested the contents of a sealed box held in the Houston Premier Bank to be used on the Festival de Muertos of 2058. Juan showed up to the Draco Foundation Headquarters in Washington DC collected the box and left after. The contents remain unknown or for what purpose they tie to the Festival de Muertos.


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