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KSAF (formerly WSAF) is a small, independent news station founded in 1997 in Chicago, but currently based out of Seattle (Tacoma, to be precise), that has a knack for covering stories whose footage becomes valuable at some point in time. Somehow, they manage to arrive at every major event in North America (and other places) and cover the stories first before the major news networks. It is rumored that they have some sort of patron with great powers of divination, but no details are known for certain. With the unusual bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will to the news station, it may be that the late Great Dragon had something to do with it.

Dunkelzahn's will, bequest to KSAF [1]

Staff at KSAF[]

  • Helena Rossum - Daughter of the station's founder, current president and former reporter.
  • Fredrick Kargon - Matrix Consultant
  • Joann Conolly - Chief Reporter
  • Summer Crosbie - Former reporter, now the voice for the Great Dragon Masaru

Events Filmed by KSAF[]