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Kabul Maffiya (territory and smuggling network)

The Kabul Maffiya is a Pashtun criminal network which dominates the criminal underworld in Southwest Asia. Which expanded across first Central Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East, followed by North Africa and are now looking toward Europe.


The Kabul Maffiya is organized along tribal lines and is led by Babrak Amin, who is advised by a group council.[1][2] The syndicate is organized into sub-tribal groups, starting with the Kahols at the lowest level. In turn they are part of a Pllarina, which in turn make up a Khel. The elders of the leading Khels have seats in the group council advising Babrak. It has little authority over Kahol matters, outside of Pashtunwali. The council is in charge of making strategic decisions, mediates between Khels, and negotiates support or transit rights for the Kahols. It also supports the expansion goals of Kahols by providing them with men, weapons, or money.[3]


When it comes to its members, the Kabul Maffiya is nearly mostly male and human. The Awakened are honored and respected by the Pashtuns, but metahumans are barely tolerated. In Afghanistan and in the rural areas, there are no women leaders within the Maffiya. In the far flugn Pashtun urban enclaves (South Asia and Middle East), they have a few women leaders, have accepted technomancers, and have some metahumans in their ranks.[4]


It's a purely Pashtun organization, which follows a code of honor known as "Pashtunwali". Which emphasizes justice and revenge, providing hospitality and asylum, and protecting your property (or assets). The Pashtun respect and honor the Awakened, but barely tolerate metahumans.[5]

How They Operate[]

The syndicate is known for its ferocity. Rivals who enter their territory are decapitated and the heads placed on pikes. Enemies who escaped their vengeance are pursued by one of the Chalweshti, across borders and seas until located and killed (and perhaps decapitated). They will extinguish a whole family, even toddlers. Attack someone in their kinship group and its an attack on all of them, and they will not only retaliate but will fight to the death to defend those in the kinship group.[6][7]

Criminal Enterprises[]

The Kabul Maffiya is one of the major producers and traffickers of drugs, firmly in the 2nd tier of drug syndicates (with the Triads and Ghost Cartels in the 1st tier).[8] It is involved in a wide variety of illicit markets. Their main source of income is the production and trafficking of drugs (with both opium and Awakened drugs being their product). Other criminal ventures include organlegging, the smuggling of goods, data brokerage, and people smuggling.[9]

It controls Afghanistan, their authority being the only one recognized by all the warlords and therefore they serve as mediators. The territory of the Kabul Maffiya includes Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and Iraq and their influence reaches elsewhere in the Middle East and the ex-Soviet stans of Central Asia. It's smuggling networks extends into Russia, the Middle East, Central Asia, and India.[10] They are the main supplier of drugs to the Russian heartland, and both Eastern and Central Europe.[11]

In addition they are a major supplier of weapons to the various armies, warlords, insurgents, and terrorists in Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and the Middle East.[12] The Kabul Maffiya dominates crime-for-profit in the state of Iran.[13] In southern Central Asia, in the former state of Uzbekistan the ancient city of Samarkand is a stronghold of the maffiya.[14] Together with the Mansur Brothers, they have an agreement with the government of Pakistan, controlling the poppy fields in that nation and keeping the government's coffers full.[15]

The Kabul Maffiya has extended its drug smuggling network across North Africa. From Egypt where they take advantage of its cheap labor to manufacture drugs and deliver them to new markets, across the Sahara all the way to Casablanca in Morocco. Where they are attempting to establish smuggling routes into Europe and the Americas.[16] They have a deal with Saeder-Krupp in Central Asia, in which they are able to smuggle their product up the S-K highway running to Turkestan without problems.[17]


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