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Kane is the most wanted man in the CAS, a megalomaniac, and a founding member of Jackpoint.

Firsttime he was a rigger from the CAS. He has a girlfriend, named Kat, who was captured on a CAS black operation in Aztlan [1]. Stainless, a frequent user of the old shadowland, mentions that he has a reputation being crazy and a team killer, and that he typically hops from country to country finding expendable teams to work with. In addition to rescuing Kat, his goal was to start up a racing team with his customized Saab [2]. Later he turned from shadowrunning to piracy on all oceans of the Sixth World. He claims to be the most wanted man in the world (wanted in more than 20 countries), openly boasts about his ranking in wanted lists about it in his signature and made number 9 in SIG's "Most Wanted Criminals" list in 2064 [3] After finally freeing her from an Aztech prison, he and his girlfriend Kat lead high profile pirating raids more for reputation than booty.

He had a maybe friendly rivality with The Gingerbread Man, the infamous Caribbean pirate and fought at least one duell with the Los Angeles celebrity runner Alex Machine during the year of the Tempo wars of '71, that was publicy broadcasted by the P2.0 network.

He also is known to be a frequent customer of the street doc Butch, who he calls "Butcheress".


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