Kansas City is a Sprawl in the West of the UCAS. The larger part is the old Kansas City (Missouri), the capital of North Missouri, while Kansas City (Kansas) would be the smaller part.

Vital Statistics (unofficial) Edit

Population: 6,133,360 
  Human: 60%
  Elf: 10%
  Dwarf: 9%
  Ork: 14%
  Troll: 6%
  Other: <1%
White: 64%
  Jewish: 13%
  Irish: 9%
  Italian: 3%
  English: 7%
  German: 16%
  Scotch-Irish: 2%
Black: 30%
Hispanic: 5%
  Puerto Rican: 2%
  Aztlaner: 85%
  Cuban: 3%
Asian: 1%
  Chinese: 11%
  Vietnamese: 17%
  Asian Indian: 9%
  Japanese: 5%
  Filipino: 19%
  Korean: 9%
  Laotian: 5%
  Cambodian: 3%
  Hmong: 8%
  Thai: 2%
  Hawai'ian: 2%
Amerindian: 0%


Kansas City has a professional Baseball team in the Central Division of the NAL. [1] It is also home to Sporting Club Kansas City of Major League Soccer.

Sons and Daughters of the CityEdit

Kellan Colt was raised in Kansas City by her aunt, worked in a burger grill and started shadowrunning here before leaving the Province to head for Seattle - the Capital of Shadowrunners. [2]


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