Kashin State
Capital Unknown
Government Unknown
Leaders Unknown
Population 3.5 million
Land area Unknown
GDP (total) Unknown
(per capita)
Major Ethnic Groups Kashin: 62%, Lisu: 9%, Tibetan: 8%, Hkamti: 5%, Other: 16%
Major Languages Spoken Kashin (70%), Burmese (55%), Tibetan (9%)
Major Religions 68% Christian, 19% Buddhist
Currency Unknown

The Kashin State is a polity in mainland Southeast Asia.

After the Kashin State became independent from Burma, it experienced a resurgence in Buddhism. Having been Christianized over two centuries earlier, the blending of Buddhism and Christianity turned the people away from the drug trade and eventually technology. In Kashin the people have returned to a life of farming. Kashin State has secret links to Tibet and it's a pathway for those leaving and entering the hermit realm of Tibet.[1]

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