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Kawaru-gumi (カワル組) is a Yakuza organization based out of Queensland, Australia.

The Kawaru-gumi has the distinction of being primarily headed and run by exiled Japanese orks and trolls.[1] The oyabun is a female ork, Megumi Aoi. Her syndicate has the backing of the feathered serpent Naheka and of the Evo megacorp.[2] For a Yakuza clan it is a remarkably progressive clan, having within its ranks; humans, metahumans, women, the Awakened, and transgender people.[3]

In the aftermath of "the Year of the Comet", when the Kawaru-gumi returned to Japan, they became involved in the smuggling of goods between Japan and Russia. Due to continued attacks and sabotage from the anti-metahuman Yakuza syndicates, they relocated to Vladivostok in Russia. They spread along their smuggling routes to the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi and Australia (though primarily remained in Queensland).

Apart from being a mostly metahuman syndicate, it is the only magic-heavy Yakuza clan having a fairly good-sized Awakened population. It's involved in protection rackets, smuggling goods, prostitution, talislegging, providing illicit services to Japancorps (e.g. arson to collect insurance), and black market goods. The syndicate runs a talislegging smuggling operation, from Australia to Hawai'i to Russia.[4]

After the death of the Yakuza oyabun in Hawaii through the local Yakuza in Hawaii into disarray, Kawaru-gumi has taken advantage of the situation to become the ruling crime syndicate in the Hawaiian islands. The syndicate is the sole supplier of the Awakened drugs, tempo and weed on the islands.[2]


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