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The Kenran-kai is a Yakuza syndicate based in Seattle, UCAS.


The Kenran-kai is a Yakuza clan in Seattle which is at the bottom of the Yakuza totem pole in the metroplex. They are the one given the worst jobs in the Yakuza. It was formed out of the remnants of the traitorous Nishidon-gumi who were still loyal to the Shotozumi-rengo. They have been put in charge of Yakuza turf in Puyallup, the most unfriendly and desolate Yakuza territory in Seattle. It has been aggressive in providing a real protection "service" to the neighborhoods in its domain and and bringing the small gangs under Yakuza control thereby establishing order in their neighborhoods. They have been attempting to take advantage of smuggling opportunities[1] Whether it's because they are more enlightened than the other Yakuza clans in Seattle or because of necessity (demographics in Puyallup), the Kenran-kai have recruiting metahumans into the clan.[2]


When the Kenran-kai was established it was reinforced with new arrivals from Japan. It was heavily into using cybernetic implants and enhancements, and were used by the Shotozumi-rengo as the shock troops in confrontations with the Mafia.

The Kenran-kai are of the "Old School" and is very conservative. It's basically a syndicate of goons. Whose cybernetic enhancements complement their skills as thugs and head bashers. It's mostly involved in hijackings and dealing chips. [3]

After the assassination of Takeo Shigeda, his clan the Shigeda-gumi was dissolved. The remnants became the Kanaga-gumi, a very conservative gumi which expelled the foreigners and metahumans which used to be in the Shigeda-gumi ended up in the Kenran-kai.[4]


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