Kiel is a city in North German League / Allied German States and a port of call at the shores of the Baltic Sea.

The ship building corporation "Deutsche Howalds-Werke" (which sells her products almost exclusively to Proteus) is located there, as well, as various Allied German States navy and the MET2000 naval installations.[1]


In the 2070ies, the criminal underworld in Kiel is controlled by the Lobatchevski organization of the Vory v Zakone - like it is in most of North German League.


One of Kiels various street gangs - the «Hafenmeister» - has its turf in a part of the harbour, which is nearly abandonded since the Black Tide, and make their money mostly by guarding the "Storage World™" warehouse, which is located there. Another remarkable gang in the city of Kiel is a truly sociopathic and extremly violent biker-gang or MC, called the «Schwarze Dornenritter», which is famed for its use of morningstars, vibro-blades and monofilament whips...


Kiel has a professional Soccer team, called "Holstein Kiel", as well as an Urban Brawl team, called the "Kiel Black Knights" and a Hoverball team, called the "Kiel Deichbrecher" [2] aka "Kiel Dolphins".

The Urban Brawl Team lost their place in the German league - the DSKL - after they were successful challenged by the young Polish team of the "Krakow Bojownyzi" in 2072.[3] Also the "Black Knights" didn't qualify themselfes for the Teuton-Bowl in 2073, loosing their a try-out match against the "Death Row Borkum", a team made up entirely of the inhabitants of the Borkum prison island.


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