Kindly "Auntie" Cheng

"Auntie" Kindly Cheng is a fixer in the Yellow Lotus Triad, based in Hong Kong.

"Auntie" Kindly Cheng was a Straw Sandal in the Yellow Lotus during the 2050s who is one of the most cruel women that one can imagine. She is cold and ruthless, and only respects those who she considers to be "valuable" and those who respect her authority.

Kindly Cheng controlled dozens of Triad members who in turn controlled 100s of street-level soldiers. At her disposal were strong Awakened forces and world class deckers.[1]

Two of her Shadowrunners, Gutshot and Nightjar were killed by hong kong police due to involvement in a large executive council conspiracy. Later she hires the ex-cop turned shadowrunner and his sibling who was present at the latter shootout. After the end of the run, Duncan Wu and his shadowrunners continued to work for her and the Yellow Lotus.

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