Kingdom of Shaanxi
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Government Type: Parliamentary Monarchy
Capital: Xi'an
Leaders:  :Monarch: Queen Michelle Chou
Prime Minister: Da'shr Feizhir
Population 40,414,000
Human Unknown
Elf Unknown
Dwarf Unknown
Ork Unknown
Troll Unknown
Other Unknown
Per Capita Income: Unknown
Estimated SINless: Unknown
Below Poverty Level: Unknown
Corporate Affiliation: Unknown
Less Than Twelve Years Unknown
High School Equivalency Unknown
College Degrees Unknown
Advanced Degrees Unknown
Major Ethnic Groups:
Han (99%)
Other (1%)
Major Languages Spoken:
Mandarin (99%)
Major Religions:
Confucianism, Buddhism, shamanism, and Daoism
Currency: Nuyen (Â¥)
No medical service information available

The Kingdom of Shaanxi, or Shaanxi, is a country in Asia.


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  • Target: Awakened Lands, p.92. Invaded and occupied by the Henan Neo-Communists.

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