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The Kodachi-gumi is a Yakuza syndicate based in Neo-Tokyo, Japan

The Kodachi-gumi is a crime syndicate whose stronghold is in Yokohama, Neo-Tokyo. It was founded in 2058 by a SINless Oyabun, Kumicho Yusaku Sato. Who formed an army from the local bosokuku and street gangs, and took control of Yokohama from the established Yakuza in a sudden and brutal campaign. They are members of the Wanibuchi-rengo.

It has become one of the most feared Yakuza factions. Most of the Yakuza clans in Neo-Tokyo are scared of the Kodachi. The organization is excessively violent and rules it's territories / members with a heavy hand. It recently stole an attack helicopter from the imperial military and used it to attack a Mita-gumi compound. A group of assassins within the group, the Red Pearls, have killed dozens of businessmen. Due to the level of violence its often targeted by megacorporation security forces and the police.[1][2][3]

Having a large presence in the Japanese penal system therefore making it the most powerful Yakuza behind prison walls. The syndicate is involved in the manufacturing of counterfeit goods, slave labor (SINless immigrants), prostitution, white slavery (kidnap high school girls and university students), gambling, protection rackets, and running pit fights.[4] It has ties to both Yokogawa Corporation, MCT and Yakashima Technologies.[5][6]


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