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The Komun'go Ring is a Seoulpa Ring that operates in Seattle.

Membership: 60+[1]


The leader of the Kumon'go Ring is Chulsoon Gray-Wolf. They often fight with the Shotozumi-rengo, while maintaining a neutrality agreement with the Seattle Mafia and several alliances with nearby Salish and Tsimshian local criminal organizations. They are rumored to deal in the drug tempo throughout the Seattle sprawl, which has brought them influence and wealth.

Chulsoon Grey-Wolf, the leader of the Komun'go as of 2071, is half Native American, half Korean; this no doubt helped solidify First Nation 's alliance with their former adversaries.  Their leader dragon Mang. Through him they have ties to the Eastern Tiger corporation. Part of their initiation rite is getting a wolf-head tattoo.


The Komun'go Ring has a mix of Korean and AmerIndian members, the latter mostly Haida plus some Salish and various local tribes.[2] It is led by a leadership council which is headed by Chulsoon Gray-Wolf. The leadership council has 11 lieutenants (each of whom is the head of an industry (e.g. drugs, prostitution, etc).[3]

It's toughest and most loyal members are the "Stand Over Men", heavy hitters who are heavily augmented. The enhancements they receive include such augmentations as cybereyes, muscle augmentation, bone density augmentation, muscle toner, reaction enhancers, and a move-by-wire system. They may be armed with weapons such as sub-machine guns, a long blade, and grenades.[4]

Komun'go/Dogmen/First Nation Syndicate[]

The Komun'go have formed an alliance with the Dogmen smuggling outfit in the Salish-Shidhe Council and the First Nation gang of Seattle. Together they have created a syndicate that has become a power in the underworld of the Pacific Northwest.

The leadership of the Dogmen and First Nations have sent members to the Komun'go Ring and they in turn have sent members to the two groups. Those sent are lieutenants whom have the authority to make decisions. In addition both the Dogmen and First Nations have representation at the leadership council, with one seat each.[3]

The syndicate operates a pharma-trafficking, organ-legging, and flesh trade network that extends into the NAN territories which is handled by the Dogmen.[5] In turn the First Nation gang handles the street-level dealing of drugs and technology.[6] One of the Ring's product is slaves who are sold not only to prostitution rings but also corporations that need "test subjects" for medical research or live-fire exercises.[7]


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