Konton from Shadowrun Sourcebook, 10 Gangs

The Konton-Shi is a gang based in Neo-Tokyo, the most powerful and feared gang in Japan. It is a gang without equal among all the Asian gangs. Which is also the largest, fastest-growing, most powerful, and most dangerous thrill gang in the world.

Membership: 3000


The Konton-Shi originally started out as a political youth movement (anarchists) which evolved into a criminal gang of psychotic thrill-killers. Initiation into the gang is often via gladiatorial combat, in which there is a winner when only one is left breathing. As of 2072 AD, the gang has 3000 members spread from Neo-Tokyo to Hong Kong.


It's currently led by Xian Sugiura with senior advisors and 2nd lieutenants managing the products and money, local bosses in charge of the territories, and the rank-n-file (thrill-seekers). The gang is allied to one of the Yakuza syndicates, the Kodachi-gumi of the Wanibuchi-rengo.

Criminal EnterprisesEdit

Konton-Shi makes the majority of its income from snuff and mayhem trids and BTLs. Other sources of revenue are drug sales, raids on rival gangs, and protection rackets.[1] They are one of the most dangerous gangs in the Pacific Rim. It's a gang that uses drugs which makes them fearless and few challenge them out of fear of ending up in the life and death games that they come up with.[2]


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