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The Koshari are an Amerindian crime syndicate based in the Pueblo Corporate Council. Which over the last two decades has been expanding, mainly at the expense of the other Amerindian syndicates and to a lesser degree the Mafia.


Although they don't like to admit it, Pueblo has its own homegrown mob, the Koshari. Taking their name after the raucous clowns in ceremonial Kachina dances, the Koshari trace their origins back to the SAIM war and the Kachina Society.[1] During the war movement, the Kachina Society attracted a lot of troublemakers in their fight against the US. After the Corp Council's establishment, though, some were too troublesome to settle down in the new order and went into org crime.


By the 2050s, the Koshari controlled most organized crime in Pueblo. They then went on a great expansion, toward new markets. First target was the Ute Nation, where they faced fierce resistance from the local mob, the Comanche Mafia. Which resulted in a bloody war on the streets of Ute. The state was undermined by the violence and flood of drugs, BTLs, and weapons leading to the surrender of Ute to Pueblo in 2063 AD. Due to PuebSec suppression of smuggling activities, the Koshari looked elsewhere.[2]

They then made a move on Las Vegas, resulting in another bloody war with the Comanche Mafia which ended in their reduction to a large street gang with a few holdings. The Koshari now have a piece of every Zuni and Hopi-run business on the strip. Getting into the Bioengineered Awakened Drugs racket, they expanded into Los Angeles where they warred with the Burning Angels and contracted the Ancients to distribute the BADs throughout CalFree.[3] The Koshari have also been expanding into the Salish-Shidhe Council, the state of Denver, and the Sioux Nation.[4][5] Recently the Koshari have been active in the CAS and in Miami, working as the foot soldiers of the Ghost Cartels in the latter.[6]

Koshari, Map of Branches


The Koshari organization is structured in a series of non-overlapping circles which can range from street gangs and syndicates to areas and cities. The size of the circles vary widely too, with membership ranging from a few to over a 100. Each circle establishes its own rules, recruits who they want, and disciplines its own. Every circle has to select a member to speak for them at the gatherings. These gatherings may be of all the circles in a certain territory or all the circles involved in a specific type of business. In these gatherings they exchange information, direct operations, and mediate disputes.[7]

All members are given equal representation, all street crews likewise are given equal say in their area, and the largest cities send representatives to the Outer Circle.Koshari members and circles are expected to cooperate with each other. The Koshari is unique among crime syndicates for paying dividends every quarter, which come from a general fund which receives a cut of the profits from every operation.[7] Represented in the Outer Circle are Santa Fe, Denver, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. It decides where to expand next, negotiates with rival organizations, mediates disputes between circles, and decides what city can join the Outer Circle.[8] It's a syndicate which accepts the Awakened, women, metahumans, etc., though it's upper echelon is completely Hopi and Zuni.[9][10]

Criminal Syndicates[]

The Koshari like it's rival crime syndicates is involved in a wide variety of criminal ventures. Currently it's biggest source of income is the smuggling and distribution of BADs. It's also into protection rackets, drugs, BTLs, CalHot chips, illegal gambling, weapons smuggling, prostitution, blackmail rackets, and talislegging.[8]

Dominant in Albuquerque, Phoenix, and the Pueblo sector of Denver. They have muscle and chrome on par with other orgs on a local level, but lack the widespread infrastructure of the Mafia. Employ a 'lot' of shamans, mostly urban and trickster totems. Raccoon, Rat, a couple of Polecat's in Phoenix (assassins - they're the call ins for troublesome contracts).


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