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Kowloon City at Night (late 20th Century)

Kowloon City (late 20th Century)

Kowloon City (alley, late 20th Century)

Kowloon City (tenements, late 20th Century)

Kowloon City (upward view of alley, late 20th Century)

Kowloon City is a district of Hong Kong Free Enterprise Zone. It is the original Barrens, unmatched in the world. The original Walled City began over 120 years ago, though there was a substantial gap from roughly 2000 to 2040 when the Walled City was torn down. However, the Tsang Corporation 'Prosperity Project' rebuilt the Walled City with the stated aim of building a thriving, dense neighborhood of low-income housing in the 2040s, and this immediately turned into a slum worse than the original. Both iterations of Kowloon were ruled by the Triads from their inception.[1]


Kowloon City is mostly populated by unregistered refugees and their SINless children. Blight and lawlessness is the norm in Kowloon, with the police being stretched too thin in the city and often pulled back to more economically important districts. In their place, the crime syndicates govern via the frequent demonstration of violence. Hong Kong tries to contact Kowloon City with debatable results.

Within, the urban tribe and small gangs carve out territory and attempt to create a life. Hung Hom, near the harbor is where the urban tribes have converted old theme parks and shopping malls into communities. Though they are preyed on by the Triads and gangs, the tribes' numbers grow each year as an increasing number of locals find the tribes' close-knit social networks beneficial.

The Kai Tak airport has been turned into an open-air bazaar by the counterfeiters, tinkerers, smugglers, and junk merchants. It's merchandise usually arrives by boat. Kai Tak is where you go to sell what you are having trouble getting rid of and it's where you go to buy what you can't buy elsewhere.

Kowloon Walled City is a a nightmarish place, one of tightly packed crumbling slums that are full of refugees and gangs. From a distance it appears as a decaying solid wall. Inside the competition between the Triads is so ferocious that they usually hire shadowrunners to boost their operations. Kowloon is where most of the shadowrunners of Hong Kong originate.[2]