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Miriam Kozlowski from Shadowrun Sourcebook, Target Smuggler Havens.png

The Kozlowskis, led by Donna Miriam "La Dame de la Mort" Kozlowski, are the Mafia family in control of New Orleans, CAS.
The family originally was part of the Polish Mafia, which was absorbed into the Cosa Nostra by the Commissione in the early 21st century. They share the city with the Italian Mossinos and the Creole/Spanish Romeros.

Being led by a woman is highly uncommon for a Mafia family and Miriam has faced considerable opposition. But like Rowena O'Malley of Seattle's Finnigans she has prevailed. She is actually the 2nd Donna of the family, having succeeded her mother Donna Paula Kozlowski who became the first female capo in the history of the American Mafia. Now she is grooming her niece (whom some suspect to be her daughter), Pamela Rodenbush to take the reins once she is gone.[1]

Due to Pamela Rodensush having SURGEd, the New Orleans mafia is being torn apart with the more traditional soldatos getting spooked (especially the conservative Mossino famiy) by her "diabolical" changes. They are resistant to Pamela taking the reins and Miriam in turn is adamant that Pamela will be her successor. Miriam is also getting resistance by the capos outside of New Orleans.[2]

The New Orleans Mafia led by the Kozlowskis dominates smuggling in New Orleans, and if you bring in goods you need to give them a big cut.[3] It also controls a huge chunk of the slave racket, in which young girls are imported for the young clubs and brothels. The Kozlowskis put girls as young as 12 years to work in "private clubs".[4]


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