Kyle Teller is an Amerindian mage hired in 2055 to find the missing son of a wealthy and powerful industrialist. The simple assignment becomes complicated when the trail leads to a hive of insect spirits, then becomes a nightmare when the city of Chicago erupts in the worst magical catastrophe since the Great Ghost Dance.

The child of an Amerind father and an Anglo mother, Kyle was raised in the Sioux Nation. Being a halfbreed, he had a difficult childhood. His magical abilities may have made up the difference when they began to manifest, but Kyle's logical mind was drawn away from the shamanic path toward the hermetic tradition, to the final embarrassment of his father. Kyle attended Columbia University in New York, where he earned his degree in comparative metaphysics with a minor in behavioral psychology.

He met Anne Ravenheart at the university. After graduation, Kyle spent seven years as a field agent and special investigator for the UCAS Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Paranormal Affairs. He married his wife, Beth, and they had a daughter, Natalie.

Kyle earned some notoriety after catching a sensational serial killer in 2050. His career with the Bureau and his marriage to Beth ended when he had an affair with the wife of an influential senator (Sen. Birch), after which he became a freelance magical investigator, specializing in missing persons.

Kyle is an initiated hermetic mage, he regularly employs elementals and watcher spirits, ritual sorcery and conventional spellcasting. He has some unobtrusive cyberware, including a datajack and image link. He has an ally spirit named Seeks-the-Moon.


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