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Kyoto prefecture (京都府, Kyoto-fu) is located in the Kinki region of Honshu island of the JIS homeland. The capital is Kyoto (京都市; Kyoto-shi). The city of Kyoto is so important and dominant that when most people say “Kyoto” they are almost always describing the city, rather than the larger prefecture. The city of Kyoto makes up the northern part of the Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto Sprawl, known as Keihanshin (京阪神).


Kyoto was the capital of the Imperial government since the 8th century, when the Emperor moved to evade the interference from Buddist clergy. Kyoto remained the capital of Japan until the Meiji period when Emperor Mutsuhito transferred the capital to Edo in 1868, which was later renamed to Tokyo.

Following the formation of the JIS and other extenuating circumstances, the Diet followed through with pre-“Big Switch” plans for relocating the capital from Tokyo and transferred the government to Kyoto.


Kyoto, the prefecture, is located near the center of Honshu island. To the north, Kyoto has a coast along the Sea of Japan and borders Fukui prefecture. To the south lie Osaka and Nara prefectures. To the east lie Mie and Shiga prefectures and to the west, Hyogo prefecture. The Tamba Mountains divide Kyoto in the middle, making the climate of Kyoto very different in the north and south of the prefecture.

Kyoto, the city, is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Because of this, the city is infamous for its stifling summer nights with no air movement.

As with many early Asian cities, Kyoto was built in accordance to feng-shui geomancy techniques that where imported from China and the capital city itself, as is Tokyo and the scientific research center Kansai Science City, is situated on the powerful Ryu-Myaku ley line.

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