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The Laesa Syndicate (aka, The Forgotten) is based in the Seattle sprawl, and is both an elven gang and a crime syndicate.

Membership: ~500


The syndicate emerged from the terrorist group, Rinelle ke'Tesrae which seeks to overthrow the government of the elven state of Tir Tairngire. Laesa is focused on making money, not fomenting revolution. They have allied themselves with the Sinsearach elven tribe, members of the Amerindian Salish-Shidhe Council to cooperate in smuggling ventures. It absorbed the local elven gangs in the elven enclave of Tarislar, where it based itself. Members are often trained in the elven martial arts.[1] They recruit young disaffected members from the ranks of the Ancients. Known for negotiating with rival criminal groups, and are allied with both the Komun'go Ring and the Ancients.[2]


Laesa is involved in several types of criminal activities. It smuggles people, telesma, and drugs throughout the Pacific Northwest. The syndicate has a monopoly on the Elven designer drug market, producing its own designer drugs.[3] It runs brothels with elven beauties given designer drugs that makes them forget, and more recently high-class call girl services. Their partner, the Sinsearach elven tribe supplies them with magical items and materials to be sold.[1]


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