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Lagos is a city in Nigeria. It was once the capital of Nigeria. It was heavily hit by the VITAS epidemics in the 2010s and lost three-quarters of its population. In spite of all the death in the city, it still grew to be the largest city in Nigeria with it's proximity to the coast.


In 1958, Lagos starts to ship oil from its harbors.

In 1991, Nigeria moves its capital to Abuja.

In 2007, a nationalist group called MEANS begins to attack oil tankers, which lead to foreign corporations pulling out of the city.

The VITAS I outbreak hits the city in 2011. Over 75% of the population dies due to the outbreak; killing an estimated 10 to 12 million people. The awakening comes as a relief as tribal shamans are able to cure VITAS with traditional medicine.

In 2022 VITAS II causes riots as a quarter of the populations dies due to the outbreak. Several sections of the city are burned.

The Night of Rage in 2039; the priest Obatala offers shelter to metahumans and summons spirits to stop the riots.

In 2043 the Universal Brotherhood attempts to open a chapter in the city. But due to rampant corruption, theft, and armed robbery the branch was closed down, ironically probably saving the city.

In 2061 SURGE is mistaken as a new form of VITAS and a number of changelings are killed in riots.

On November 1, 2061; ancestor spirits warn of the "Return of the Dead" followed promptly by a break out of Shedim.

In 2063, the Niger Delta oil pipeline is completed. This starts the Seven King War for control of the pipeline.

In 2068 the Seven King War ends with Oni Adegoke making a deal with Global Sandstorm for military support.