Lakota Mafia (customized map from ShadowHelix)

Lakota Mafia (operations)

The Lakota Mafia (Tiošpaye, "extended family" in Sioux) is the dominant organized crime syndicate in the Sioux Nation.

Its criminal empire was founded by William Whiteclay, who focused primarily on smuggling, hijacking automated freight shipments, extortion, and protection rackets. They also have been involved in gambling, prostitution, and info brokerage, like other syndicates. The Lakota language is used for operations and business deals. Since the larger syndicates such as the Mafia, Yakuza, and Triads stay out of the Sioux Nation, the main competition typically comes from the Koshari in Pueblo.[1] Outside of the Sioux Nation, they are involved in smuggling into the Salish-Shidhe Council, using T-birds.[2]

Since the death of William Whiteclay during the Tempo-Drug War, his son Charlie Whiteclay has been running the syndicate. He has expanded their operations into markets which his father prohibited the syndicate from entering. The Lakota Mafia is now into the trafficking and sales of tempo and BTL chips, buffalo poaching, and snuff. Unlike his father who had a code of honor, all that his son cares is about making Nuyen and under his leadership the syndicate is far more savage and brutal than before.[3]


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