The Lambeth Martyrs is a terrorist group based in London.

The Lambeth Martyrs are a terrorist organization founded by angry, bitter inhabitants of the Squeeze (Lambeth Containment Zone) in 2038. It emerged in the aftermath of the discovery of the 15 years of secret experiments done on the populace by the Adams-Hoffman corporation resulting in the death of up to 10,000 which lead to rioting and it's suppression by the army. They are efficient urban terrorist organization which executes attacks regularly on most of Britain's major institutions, with varying degrees of success. It is willing to kill innocents as it proved early in its terror campaign of retribution, killing 100 in one terror attack and 75 in another. It's demands are reparations for the residents of the Squeeze and an end to the occupation / blockade of the Squeeze, both of which the government refuses to do.